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food menu


Natto Glazed Char Siew                    
pork jowl, mirin, sake, gochujang, honey

Grilled Octopus & Prawn                    
spanish octopus, tiger prawn, shacha dressing, mesclun salad

Salmon Otah Wrap                  
norwegian salmon, flat bread, belachan, pickled carrot & purple cabbage

Chilli Crab Slider                    
softshell crab, fried mantou, sambal, mesclun salad

Tomato & Tofu
roma tomatoes, miso marinated tofu, shiitake pesto, red wine vinaigrette, parmesan

Oven Roasted Cauliflower
gratinated cauliflower, scallion remoulade, provolone

Gado Gado 
lightly battered seasonal fruits & vegetables, egg, homemade peanut sauce


Beef Risotto Lemak  $27
boneless braised short rib, coconut & turmeric risotto

Asian Pork Ribs $28
300g red rice glazed pork ribs, rosti, mix greens

Spatchcock  $29
locally-bred spring chicken, bacon, mushroom, roasted veg, mashed potato

Arts Club Roti John  $19
local baguette, cumin & paprika minced chicken, mushrooms, provolone, egg, mayo, chilli sauce

Chickpea Battered Fish & Chips  $20 haddock, fries, sarawak black pepper remoulade

Laksa Carbonara  $25
fettuccine, blue shell mussels, tiger prawn, bean sprouts, taupok, egg

Mala Truffle Aglio Olio  $22
fettuccine, white button, shiitake, truffle salsa, seaweed, dried chilli


Wantons  $12
pork & chicken dumplings, bocconcini, coriander basil mayo

Pok Pok Wings  $14
chicken wings, homemade smoked honey garlic sauce, sesame seeds

Spam Chips  $10
luncheon meat, black pepper beef jus

Baby Sotong  $12
crispy baby squid, sweet chilli sauce

Truffle Garlic Chips  $12
fat chips, garlic & truffle salsa, parsley


Baked Chocolate Pudding  $12
salted jaggery, coconut crumble, french vanilla ice cream

Chendol Mousse  $12
gula melaka, coconut, red bean, pandan chiffon

Ice Cream  $6
a choice of french vanilla or triple chocolate w/ coconut crumbles & almonds

*all prices are subject to 10% service charge and 7% gst

Telok Ayer Arts Club
2 McCallum Street
Singapore 069043

opening hours
Monday to Saturday
(close on Public Holidays)
11:00am — 11:00pm

for enquiries
+65 6221 0712

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