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arts club specials

A special seasonal menu designed as part of the art programme, derived from each artist and the exhibition currently on view.  The menu could take visual cues from artwork motifs, be a nod to the artist’s background or simply their favourite flavours — F&B team and artist work together to come up with something fun each time. Why else have an art space within a bar and bistro? #ArtsClubSpecials


Space Oddity $17
mount gay rum, coconut water, gula melaka, pop rocks.
Mike has a fascination with rocks, planetary or geologic. Throw that playful desire to contrast form, colour and shape into the mix and you get a drink that plays around with colour, density and explodes in your mouth.


Papa was a Rollin’ Stone $10
charcoal kombu pastry with japanese sweet potato filling.
Served with sour plum honey sauce.

These pebble lookalikes are tribute to a fond childhood memory of Mike’s. Growing up in Taiwan, sweet potatoes were very much a diet staple, and he remembers cooking them in a traditional earth oven in his backyard—which used small rocks to create a DIY kiln. Also, much like the song by The Temptations, wherever Mike laid his hat was his home.

*all prices are subject to 10% service charge and 7% gst

Telok Ayer Arts Club
2 McCallum Street
Singapore 069043

opening hours
Monday to Saturday
(close on Public Holidays)
11:00am — 11:00pm

for enquiries
+65 6221 0712 Contactus@telokayerartsclub.sg

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