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in-inhabitations (I) — (VI), 2018
Goh Abigail
pen, pencil, charcoal, conté
20.9 x 14.7 cm each

Available individually, or as a set of 6.
All works are framed.

“these drawings were done during my in-habitue session at telok ayer arts club. i was drawing out the sounds i hear in relation to the space i was in. sound sketch one is an identifier- i relate certain shapes to certain sound. for instance, some types of bass has a wholesome, powerful sound– hence something round.

sound sketch six maps out the bassline of the song from 2:58pm to 3:01pm; sound sketch two and five were drawings of the songs that were currently playing. sound sketch three is drawing of experienced sounds within the whole space, consisting of conversations, ambient noise and music.”

-Goh Abigail

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