19 February 2019, Tuesday
9:00 — 10:30pm

Free Entry

about the musician

Pupa (pronounced ‘Poo-PAH’, which rhymes with DADA, SAMPAH and OOMPA LOOMPA) is an electronic improvisation duo comprising Wu Jun Han and Zeekos Perakos. Formed in 2013 by chance, Pupa came about during a transitionary phase for both individuals: Jun was crossing over from his visual practice to the sonic world, and Zeek from his bedroom to the wide-open world. Pupa has performed live improvisations at art events, and a chain of sound drawing performances called 'Translations'. In 2018, Pupa released Lies under Ujikaji Records. Pupa's output is free flowing, exploratory and unpredictable. Both members like cats.

about TAAC:LIVE!

Singapore has become a haven for music lovers. With weekends jam packed with gigs, DJ events and music festivals every week, there’s music for everyone and everywhere. With this, it’s harder to differentiate between the underground and the mainstream. With TAAC: LIVE, we’re carving out a safe, intimate space for the contemplation of not yet normalised forms of music, and for bands or groups that may not yet have found regularised spaces to perform. With an inclination toward left-field or experimental forms of presenting and performing music, the quarterly TAAC: LIVE embodies the Telok Ayer Arts Club spirit of inclusivity and bending the rules. Why else throw a party on a Tuesday in the CBD?

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