with kaizenxsoundlab

11 December 2018, Tuesday
9:00 — 10:30pm

Free Entry

about the musician

KAIZENXSOUNDLAB is a collective of four musicians—Ridwan Ramli, Syafiq Halid, Alif Syazwan and Rosemainy—who come from different backgrounds and genres, ranging from gamelan and Malay traditional percussion, to guitar and sound design. Together, they explore and experiment with the capabilities of their various instruments, and blend them into one creation. KAIZENXSOUNDLAB came together as part of a one-year residency programme with The Kaizen M.D., a performing arts collective that gathers young artists from various art disciplines with the aim of creating multidisciplinary works.

about TAAC:LIVE!

Singapore has become a haven for music lovers. With weekends jam packed with gigs, DJ events and music festivals every week, there’s music for everyone and everywhere. With this, it’s harder to differentiate between the underground and the mainstream. With TAAC: LIVE, we’re carving out a safe, intimate space for the contemplation of not yet normalised forms of music, and for bands or groups that may not yet have found regularised spaces to perform. With an inclination toward left-field or experimental forms of presenting and performing music, the quarterly TAAC: LIVE embodies the Telok Ayer Arts Club spirit of inclusivity and bending the rules. Why else throw a party on a Tuesday in the CBD?

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