Being cooped up and left to one's own devices sounds like a perfect recipe for unleasing some creativity.  See how some artists are responding to the lockdown, and enjoy some playlists they put together that capture this mood:

#4: Playlist by Susie Wong 

Images courtesy of the artist.

This lockdown, artist Susie Wong put up two neon lights that spell out the words "I will never stop loving you", and "I will love you until my death". First exhibited at 'Dancing Alone (Don't Leave Me)", an exhibition earlier this year at Objectifs, these glowing promises speak of an optimism that feels hard to place today. One feels an added nostalgia calling to mind her work—a video installation of solitary women dancing freely—given the current state of affairs that make a dance hall, let alone any social gatherings feel far, far away. Yet somehow, the glow of the LED tubes lends a rather phantasmic, surreal air of hope to this HDB estate, and hopefully whoever looks up and sees the romance. She's shared some of her favourite songs in this playlist titled 'Meeting You a Metre Apart'.

#3: Playlist by Aiwei Foo (@awfoo)

Aiwei Foo’s DAILY HAT OBJECTS: a series of images and videos that improvise with make-shift materials found at home prompting new ways of looking at the objects around us. Enjoy this playlist of Aiwei's favourites, and have some fun of your own reinventing our relationships with everyday things.

#2: Playlist by Mike HJ Chang (@booboatship)

“Pick from a list of my studio staples. The central song here is Panda Bear’s “Good Girls / Carrots”. The song is about the joy of making music, ignoring noises, and be true to your own tune. And it’s a killer track, it gets to me every single time. Then follow up by Destroyer’s “Painter in Your Pocket” and Song Ohia’s “Love and Work” to underline the strangeness of art making, jealousy, melancholy, and struggle.”


#1: Playlist by Polina Korobova (@godsavedthequeen)

"Let me paint the picture : Its sunday, I'm obviously home, I open all my windows, I'm making art and I start playing this exact playlist. I groove to it while making art and listen to its sounds seamlessly blend with the outside world."  

Polina is part of a group show — together with Kara Inez and Nature Shankar — that the Arts Club is planning in 2020. Look out for details coming soon.

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